Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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Writers need to write. Right? But sometimes we all need some inspiration to avoid just staring at blank pages with pen in hand.

This website contains writing prompts to help overcome those moments and get you into writing mode — probably with coffee, but I’m afraid I can’t supply that.

If you’re serious about getting published or winning competitions you should know about grammar, layout and punctuation. You won’t get noticed otherwise. There are style guides that will help you (see Essential Reading for Writers) and I’ve tried to put some of that advice succinctly in these posts to help you improve your writing.

Read on, enjoy, and above all — learn.

Whence did the wond’rous mystic art arise,
Of painting speech, and speaking to the eyes?
That we by tracing magic lines are taught
How to embody, and to colour thought?
William Massey