Who's eating Grandma?

The importance of correct punctuation - the comma. If you don’t get it right there could be awful consequences.

Homophone to Homonym

Just when you think you’re getting your head round the difference between a homophone and a homonym, along comes a word that falls into both camps – desert.

The peacock's tail

The possessive apostrophe can be a confusing thing. Used correctly it indicates possession of something to someone.

Too far to Tooting

How do you remember whether to use ‘to’ or ‘too’ in a sentence? It’s a common mistake, but easily avoided if you remember a few simple rules.

When do you use a semi-colon?

Baffled by semicolons? Not sure when to use them? Won’t a comma do instead? Think of the semicolon as a full stop (period) combined with a comma.

Unexpected writing prompts

It’s amazing how the most unexpected things crop up and give an idea for a story. I was talking to a colleague at work and the usual ‘Did you see…?‘ conversation struck up.

Make time to read

Reading a book is always an inspiring thing to do. But, when you’re busy, how do you find the time?