I’ve loved writing from an early age, mostly short stories. Some years ago I decided to take it more seriously and joined a local Creative Writing class. It helped me to start to hone my skills and to realise there is more to writing than just putting words on paper and hoping you’ve got a story.

Through the class I was lucky enough to meet, and make friends with, a few people and we formed a group to support and encourage each other. We’ve stayed in touch ever since.I have found their encouragement an inspiration. We’ve been meeting about once a month for roughly six years; in the last year over Zoom. Some excellent writing has been produced and one of our group is on his way to a book deal.

I have two second place short story competition wins under my belt and am still aiming for first place. A few years back I sent one of my short stories to a publisher (the first time I’ve ever done this) and they wrote back asking to see the rest of the manuscript. I had fully expected a rejection for a first submission. With that, and the very positive feedback/critique from other submissions to magazines I started to think I could actually be a writer.

I’m now signed up to a Comprehensive Creative Writing Course with Writers Bureau and am excited (and nervous) to see where it leads me.