Who Am I?

Chris Smith image

My name is Christopher Smith and I live in a small village on the northern bank of the Blackwater Estuary in rural Essex.

I work as a Deputy Manager for a national charity offering supported housing to young people to enable them to live more independently.

I feel passionately about people’s rights and am fortunate enough to be able to exercise this passion in my work.

In my spare time I love to write stories. I’ve had some interest from a publisher and have had competition wins, both of which boosted my confidence no end.

I also like to build and manage websites for myself and a couple of artist friends, stay cosy in front of the fire with my partner and my cat, and travel to interesting places with my partner (we leave the cat at home).

The Importance of Reading

My parents both encouraged me to read from an early age and I was way ahead of the other kids when I started school. My father acted in amateur dramatics and had a love of words – playing with them and making up nonsensical phrases – some of which I remember to this day. My mother was an avid reader and a stickler for correct grammar and it was really she who taught me to read. I had read a number of Agatha Christie novels by the time I was 10.

Creative Writing Classes

I’ve always enjoyed writing and my writing became more focussed from October 2012 when I started a Creative Writing course. I’d been following a number of creative writing blogs for some time that inspired me, particularly Melissa Donovan’s Writing Forward.

Being in a class with other budding writers was an inspirational experience in itself. Through tuition and exercises we were encouraged to find our own writing voice, write at short notice about almost anything that came up on the day, and to think about plot, structure, and research. It motivated me to write more than ever and I haven’t stopped since.

Getting Published (I hope)

I was always afraid that the story what I wrote (as Ernie Wise used to say) wouldn’t be quite good enough for publication. Now that I’ve had some interest from a publisher I’m more confident that one day I could see my work in print. It takes hard work as well as imagination and dedication.

I hope that anyone reading this website may also be inspired to tap into their internal author and begin to write.

Thank you for reading 🙂