How observant are you? Using observation in story writing.

How observant are you?

Do you register faint changes in facial expressions? Do you notice the body language as one person passes something to another? Do you recognise the real meaning in people’s tone of voice?

These are all elements you can write into your story to make the characters, and what they do, more believable.

People watching

People watching is a great way to build up a resource to draw on.

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Writing Dialogue – he said, she said?

Do you use he said and she said when writing dialogue?

Or do you use some of the alternatives given in the diagram here?

I have my own opinion and that is there are some very valid alternatives given here but they should be used sparingly and only to enhance the speech. In my own way of writing I try to be as spare with any he said‘s and she said‘s as possible. I don’t want too many elaborate verbs to get in the way of my dialogue.

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