More favourite websites for inspiration

Following on from my previous list here are a few more of my favourite websites that give inspiration to writers. Wonderbook – A website supporting the book of the same name. If you haven’t got the book yet it’s seriously worth a look. It’s a guide to writing science fiction and fantasy (but the advice…… Continue reading More favourite websites for inspiration

1000 Words a day

Stephen King (among others) advises writing up to 1000 words a day. I can see the benefit in this as it exercises your writing muscles and gets you into some sort of routine. It also means that, if you write 500 or 1000 words every day, in a week you will have written 3,500 -…… Continue reading 1000 Words a day

Writing prompt – Fantasy

An old cloak You find an old cloak in your grandma’s wardrobe (or closet) that appears to be made out of shadows. It is moving in a gentle unseen breeze.

The Happy Benefits of Writing

It’s not just readers who benefit from a good story. We writers can too apparently. There is a fascinating article on the New York Times Blog about research carried out on people through expressive writing (or life-story writing). It may sound like self-help nonsense, but research suggests the effects are real. The scientific research on…… Continue reading The Happy Benefits of Writing

Critiques for Writers

There are various ways of having your work critiqued. Most of the really useful ones you will have to pay for. The important thing to remember is that a critique will be constructive and given positively. Writers want other writers to do well and negative criticism is a great way of putting people off. If…… Continue reading Critiques for Writers

Entering Writing Competitions

There are hundreds of writing competitions out there, both in printed magazines and in online magazines. There are also the literary competitions, such as The Bridport Prize, Exeter Writers Short Story Competition, and the Fish Flash Fiction Competition. All have varying levels of prizes and some are free to enter.  You may not have the confidence to…… Continue reading Entering Writing Competitions

Inspiring and encouraging your imagination

Writing can be a lonely business. There you are in your own head trying to entice people into the world you are creating for them – and keep them there – and you’re doing it on your own. This is, of course, a necessity as only you have the story. If the story is so…… Continue reading Inspiring and encouraging your imagination

Reading encourages learning and empathy

Have you ever thought about what the act of reading means to you? I’ve loved reading since I can remember. My mother always encouraged it and I could read very well by the time I started school. I would often take home the book that was being read in class and finish it at home…… Continue reading Reading encourages learning and empathy