Writers Write

Writers WriteDo you ever feel like you need a kick up the proverbial? Do you find yourself procrastinating? Can’t ‘find’ the time to write?

Writers can be guilty of all these things.

Writers do all the things in this image (well – sometimes) and more. We spend our waking day dreaming of people and places and events that are real to us.

We have conversations in our heads with people who only exist in our imaginations until we write them into existence. And we have very real feelings when we do something awful (or good) to one of our characters.

We fuss and worry over grammar and punctuation – and other people’s grammar and punctuation, especially when we can’t think of anything else to write ourselves.

And we surf the internet, make coffee, walk the dog, or read a good book when we’re supposed to be plotting and planning – and writing.

If you’re writing you need to pick up your pen or your keyboard and get on with it.

Self-Publishing? Using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

Have you ever wanted to see your own book in print or at least on sale? I know I have. Well now you can.

Heard of Fifty Shades of Grey? I bet you have. You might be surprised to learn that half of the author’s success is because she published it as an e-book. It wasn’t just the sex that put it in the top sellers. It was the fact the sex was in an e-book that did it.

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