Inspiring and encouraging your imagination

meditating on a mountain

Writing can be a lonely business. There you are in your own head trying to entice people into the world you are creating for them – and keep them there – and you’re doing it on your own. This is, of course, a necessity as only you have the story. If the story is so strong it just doesn’t want to stay in your head, then all well and good, it will pour out of you and you won’t be able to stop writing.

But what if you don’t have a strong story or plot line? How do you keep yourself in your own head to be able to release the story that is simmering there?

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Reading encourages learning and empathy


Have you ever thought about what the act of reading means to you?

I’ve loved reading since I can remember. My mother always encouraged it and I could read very well by the time I started school.

I would often take home the book that was being read in class and finish it at home that day, eager for the next book and impatient that I would have to go over it again and again.

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Exercising your writing muscles during self-isolation

The extra hours at home most of us have at the moment might be making you feel like exercising those slackening writing muscles, but you just don’t know what to write.

If you’re lucky and have a potential bestseller you’re in the middle of you won’t have any trouble writing (I hope).

But what if you haven’t? Where do you start?

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Matt Gemmell – His Stories

I’ve just read a blog post by Matt Gemmell entitled “Stories“.

Matt is ‘an iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) and Mac OS X (Cocoa) developer and user experience/interface designer, based in Edinburgh, Scotland’ and not a writer in the sense of being an author of stories – at least not yet.

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Self-Publishing? Using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

Have you ever wanted to see your own book in print or at least on sale? I know I have. Well now you can.

Heard of Fifty Shades of Grey? I bet you have. You might be surprised to learn that half of the author’s success is because she published it as an e-book. It wasn’t just the sex that put it in the top sellers. It was the fact the sex was in an e-book that did it.

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Writing Inspiration: Some Favourite Websites


We writers are surrounded by inspiration in all areas of our lives.

Everyday scenarios and moments provide us with a spark that could turn into a story; a few notes that lay buried in a notebook until rediscovered and worked into a current piece of writing, or expanded upon and turned into a story in their own right.

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