Entering Writing Competitions

competition ahead imageThere are hundreds of writing competitions out there, both in printed magazines and in online magazines.

There are also the literary competitions, such as The Bridport PrizeExeter Writers Short Story Competition, and the Fish Flash Fiction Competition. All have varying levels of prizes and some are free to enter. 

You may not have the confidence to enter the most prodigious competitions with the most sought-after prizes, but you can always try your hand at the smaller ones. You never know, you might just win some prize money and get your story published.

Why should I enter?

Because people will read your stories. Because you will get noticed – more than if you do nothing with your stories. Because you might win some prize money. And because being shortlisted or winning is a great confidence booster.

Try entering smaller competitions first and see how you get on. You can always enter larger ones with the bigger prize money as your confidence grows. Or just go straight for the top if you think you’re good enough.

How do I find these competitions?

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