Writing prompt – Fantasy

An old cloak You find an old cloak in your grandma’s wardrobe (or closet) that appears to be made out of shadows. It is moving in a gentle unseen breeze.

Writing Prompt – Two elderly men discover they have met before

Two elderly men in a nursing home exchange life stories during their time there. They gradually come to realise they are not strangers to each other as they have previously thought. Their paths have crossed before.

Picture Prompt – Describe this seascape without using the word sea

Describe the scene pictured without using the word sea. Can you use words that will describe the spray from the wind-whipped waves? Bring the sparkle of sunlight on water to life and paint a picture of how it feels to be standing here looking at this scene.

Picture Prompt – Describe this scene without using the words light or sun

Imagine you are standing among the trees. What does the air around you feel like? Is there a breeze? What can you smell? What can you hear? How would you describe the beams of light and the shadows without using the words light or sun? Stretch your imagination and try to find unusual, highly descriptive words.

Picture Prompt – Use sparing language

You are standing at the bottom of these stairs looking up. Why have you come down them and what is waiting for you at the top? Alternatively, what is behind you at the bottom? Write about your situation without telling the reader exactly where you are or what is at the top of the stairs – or…… Continue reading Picture Prompt – Use sparing language

Picture Prompt: Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned and decaying spaces fascinate us for all sorts of reasons. It might be the imagined history of the place or even knowledge of it before it fell into disrepair. We can imagine the place is full of ghosts, but it will certainly be full of memories echoing down the corridors. What does this space…… Continue reading Picture Prompt: Abandoned Buildings

Writing Prompt – Use all your senses except sight

You are standing by an open window in a castle. Describe the smells, the sounds, the humidity of the air, anything you can taste, and anything you can feel around you. But do not describe anything you can see.

Picture Prompt – Faces

I always wanted to use this photograph. It looks so atmospheric and moody. Forget, if you can, that it belongs to a famous face and imagine instead that she is anyone you want her to be. Is she looking out from the rain-streaked window of a car? Or is she in a building? She seems to…… Continue reading Picture Prompt – Faces