Picture Prompt – Doors

Doors are great visual prompts for imagining something that lies beyond. We immediately want to know what is inside, or outside, a door. Doors are entrances and exits, whether to a house or another room. The door itself begins to set the scene by what it looks like. Is it modern and clean-cut or old…… Continue reading Picture Prompt – Doors

Writing prompts – 6 ideas to start you writing

The inspiration for writing stories often comes about from a moment in time, a flash of memory, or a minute particle of an idea. The challenge is to follow that idea or memory and flesh it out into something you want to write about. Sometimes a whole story might come to you with very little…… Continue reading Writing prompts – 6 ideas to start you writing

Writing Prompts – Pictures of People

There are hundreds of things we see every day that can spark a story. Watching people on the street, in cafes, in the park, can set us wondering what their life is like and what has brought them to where they are now. Below are ten photographs of people in different situations. Pick the one…… Continue reading Writing Prompts – Pictures of People

Dreams And Daydreams As Writing Prompts

I’ve been reading the post on Writing Forward about using dreams and daydreams as prompts for stories. Melissa suggests keeping a journal of dreams and daydreams and using them as a way to inform and inspire your writing. I’ve written a couple of posts elsewhere about dreams (Hiram B. Redfern and Premonitions or Dreams) but…… Continue reading Dreams And Daydreams As Writing Prompts

Unexpected Writing Prompts

It’s amazing how the most unexpected things crop up and give an idea for a story. I was talking to a colleague at work and the usual ‘Did you see…?’ conversation struck up. ‘No, I didn’t …’ because I don’t have a TV. So she told me anyway. The programme had been about a woman who kept…… Continue reading Unexpected Writing Prompts