Day One – Journaling on the move

hero-dayone-iconI read about an iPhone/iPad/Macbook app a while back called Day One. It had rave reviews, a nice look to it, and the philosophy behind it keyed into my desire to keep a regular journal while on the move. It even has daily prompts (if you switch them on) to get you in the mood and to remind you to get writing.

So I downloaded it. It really is everything I hoped it would be.

I’ve recorded my thoughts, story ideas, the day’s general happenings, and the bizarre (like the car mounted on another car’s bonnet seen from my office window one afternoon – you’ll have to imagine).

I can add photos and my location at the time of writing or of taking a photograph. The app automatically adds the date and time of the post and the weather (if you have a weather app installed).

For somebody who doesn’t normally like sounds in my apps, I love the sounds this app makes. So much so that I sometimes scroll through entries to hear the dripping, plinking noises as it scrolls between entries.

In fact I like this app so much I’ve tried writing something in it every day. Best of all I have it installed on my Macbook Air as well as my iPhone and it syncs between the two instantly. So I can start writing on one device and finish an article on another.

And it’s an Apple Design Awards 2014 Winner, which doesn’t surprise me at all.