Descriptive Writing – Layering your imagery

I wanted to follow up from my post about a website called: Dear Photograph.

The photographs on the website conjure up some brilliant imagery of layering story.

The concept behind it is simple: take an old photograph of people you know and hold it up against the original backdrop where it was taken and photograph it so that past and present blend into one photograph.

The results are very poignant. 


Does the image here make you think of one photo on top of another, or of a window cut through the main photo onto another time (but the same place) beneath it?

Are you adding the past as a layer of story on top of the present, or are you connecting the past and the present? Maybe both?

What were the people’s lives like in the photographs? What was happening at the time they were photographed? How have those lives changed?

Walk in their shoes

Put yourself in the shoes of the people in the photos or in the shoes of the photographer. What is s/he seeing when they take the picture? What are their memories or knowledge of the old photograph?

Make connections

How do these connections work in your story? How are you going to interweave and intertwine your characters and events to weave your story?