Finding Your Writing Voice

You’ll often hear the word ‘voice’ in relation to writing style. What does it mean?

For some it’s an ever-elusive writing style that escapes them, a way of writing that gives you a unique style. It’s probably elusive because they keep searching for it.

Don’t look too hard. When you are relaxed and telling a story in your own way, you are already using your writing voice. It’s something that comes naturally and sounds almost conversational – as if you are telling it aloud.

Of course you still have to pay attention to grammar, punctuation, style, and all the other writing rules. You need to investigate them and read about them. A good writer will never presume they know it all. You need to know enough about them to be able to break the rules and still be readable.

Keep writing and rewriting and you will find your own style – your own voice.


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