Matt Gemmell – His Stories

I’ve just read a blog post by Matt Gemmell entitled “Stories“.

Matt is ‘an iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) and Mac OS X (Cocoa) developer and user experience/interface designer, based in Edinburgh, Scotland’ and not a writer in the sense of being an author of stories – at least not yet.

“Stories” is about a cupboard, like the cupboard you and I might have in our own home – the one you rarely go into but when you do it’s as though time stood still in there and there may be something lurking in there that you don’t want to find.

Matt writes elegantly and atmospherically about the cupboard in his mother’s house and his journey into it to find something buried in there long ago. What he eventually pulls out is a box that contains stories he wrote as a child. Stories he wants to re-visit. Stories he wants to write again. New stories he wants to write. It is full of observation and can provide a lesson for other writers. It is also very thoughtfully put together.

He manages to write about something that, I think, all of us can identify with. The mystery of enclosed spaces and the fear and fascination of them. There is something that draws us into these spaces and yet we can be afraid of them (or the contents) at the same time. In these spaces are buried the memories and paraphernalia of childhood and history. The cupboard is his Narnia.

Read it and enjoy it as I did. I’m very interested to see what he writes in the future.