Picture Prompt – Doors

Doors are great visual prompts for imagining something that lies beyond. We immediately want to know what is inside, or outside, a door.

Doors are entrances and exits, whether to a house or another room.

The door itself begins to set the scene by what it looks like. Is it modern and clean-cut or old and decrepit? Its appearance will set the mood of what you imagine is beyond. Does it look inviting or threatening?

What are you going to find beyond the door? Will it creak when opened? Is it locked?

Symbolic and Metaphorical Doors

Door are also symbolic and metaphorical. A door can symbolise an entrance to another world, to a new beginning or a new opportunity. Closed doors can be seen to symbolise imprisonment or a dead-end. Open doors afford a view of what lies inside or outside, while a closed door shuts everything out (or in) and what is beyond it is unknown. Doors can symbolise transitions and passages from one place, or state of being, to another.

Doors for Boundaries and Protection

A door is also a means of protection, a boundary. It separates us from something else, whether that is from the outside world or from threat and danger, and keeps us safe. Conversely it could be the view of a safe haven when you are in dangerous territory.

Doors are beginnings and endings, birth and rebirth, the interface between two worlds, or just a plain old door.

However you look at them doors hold mystery and hope and intrigue. We always want to know what is on the other side.

The beauty of being a writer is that you can make it up. You can invent the door and what is on the other side.

What’s going to be on the other side of your door?