Setting an Example: Professional Writing – Whatever your Profession

I received an out-of-office email from the Learning and Development Department where I work recently. It began:

‘This is an automated responce …’

I was somewhat dumbstruck. Even when I saw the irony in it I still could not find it funny.

As you can imagine, I sent a reply immediately to point out their error and also to point out that this didn’t look very good coming from a department called Learning and Development in a national organisation. After all, they of all people are supposed to be setting an example.

This last week I had another email from them confirming a training course I am due to attend. Apparently, tea’s and coffee’s are available on the day! Grrr …

What your writing says about you

The question is not, what does this say about the department? Rather, what does this say about the people who work in the department? Anyone who writes content that others will read should make it as professional as possible. There’s nothing worse than making glaring mistakes for all to see.

Write as professionally as you can

Writing is a form of education for the reader, whatever their level of literacy, and the reader will rely on you, the writer, to get it right. Whether you are writing an article, an email, a letter, or a book, you should be as professional as possible. There are plenty of guides out there to help you, whether it is a dictionary, a thesaurus, or a style guide.

Writers should set an example.

Have you ever come across any glaring mistakes particularly when someone should have known better?