Write small for a big effect

If I told you that six-thousand people died in an earthquake, how would you feel? Pretty shocked I’m sure.

Have you ever felt numbed to tragedies in the world because you can’t comprehend what is happening on the global scale? That’s the point where you turn the TV off because you feel overloaded with information. When it’s six-thousand people you have no idea what each person suffered.

Make it personal

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Expose yourself – take risks in your writing

revealI read this post – Quotes on Writing – on Melissa Donovan’s blog, Writing Forward, just after I posted my last article.

Quotes on Writing is about expressing yourself freely and openly. To quote part of Melissa’s article, “It means exposing yourself, taking risks, and being vulnerable.”

To write about feelings we need to dig deep to remember what our own felt like. To write about feelings we need to remember sadness and deep pain, as well as joy. Humans tend to remember the good things in life more than the bad but everything we experience and feel is part of our learning curve that makes us who we are today.

Writing about these feelings makes us, and our characters, more human and more believable.


Writing and Plotting a Short Story on the hoof

Sowing the seed of an idea

A regular exercise in my Creative Writing class is a story swap.

Between us we decide on a subject idea and write a short story of about 1500 words and then bring our story to class for feedback from our peers. The subject can be used as loosely as we choose and we often do a spider chart in class to get us started.

Spider charts are a great way of coming up with writing prompts. Start with a central noun and see what the word makes you think of. Be as creative as you can. Our most recent noun was Time. Our spider chart grew and threw up words like, growing, streams, clocks, rushing, bomb, and quantum physics.

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