A Brief History of Writing

scribe at his desk

A Scribe at his desk

OK, so you write.

Have you ever wondered how those little squiggles we call letters came about in the first place?

Reading and writing are not naturally learned skills – they have to be taught specifically – and yet we take it for granted that we can communicate with each other by means of the written word. It’s how we put our stories out there.

Without writing there would be no books.

And then where would we be? No coffee, no comfy chair, no hours to while away. You can’t bear the thought, can you?

Early humans realised we could make marks that others would recognise as representations of things in our world. We writers have a great deal to thank them for.

But how did those marks evolve into the complicated sets of symbols we use for writing today?

That’s where this lovely website comes into its own. It gives a very brief race through the history of writing from its beginnings in the caves of Lascaux, through to the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans, and eventually to our modern writing system today.

Visit the website here: A Brief History of Writing.