The Periodic Table of Storytelling

Here’s something to play with to get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully, it will also help to unblock writer’s block if you feel you are suffering from it. The Periodic Table of story elements is split into Structure, Settings, Plot, Heroes, Character Modifiers (Protagonist/Antagonist), Archetypes, Villains, and more. Clicking on each ‘element’ in the table…… Continue reading The Periodic Table of Storytelling

Writing prompts – 6 ideas to start you writing

The inspiration for writing stories often comes about from a moment in time, a flash of memory, or a minute particle of an idea. The challenge is to follow that idea or memory and flesh it out into something you want to write about. Sometimes a whole story might come to you with very little…… Continue reading Writing prompts – 6 ideas to start you writing

Can Stories Write Themselves?

I had an idea for a story recently based on an image I saw somewhere (I can’t remember where, hence no image for this post). It was the figure of a womanin a dress and high-heels hurrying through a tree-lined avenue on a misty, rainy evening. It conjured up questions about where she was hurrying to…… Continue reading Can Stories Write Themselves?