Surprise yourself with simple language

Write in your own words

Making yourself understood Language is what we rely on to understand something we are being told. We expect to know what it means. The only way we can do that is if the giver of the information delivers it clearly. Your choice of words, the sequence you put them in and the structure of your sentences…… Continue reading Surprise yourself with simple language

The art of painting speech

When I write something my aim is to put forward an idea, thought, or concept, or to tell a story. How do I do it? I make funny little abstract marks on a page. It’s a bit like painting. What are those abstract marks? You’re looking at them right now. They’re called letters and with…… Continue reading The art of painting speech

They’re There Their

This is one you often see written incorrectly (usually it’s there and their that are confused). All three words sound just the same – a homophone. However, each one has a very distinct meaning. When in doubt consult your dictionary or style book. A good proofreader will pick up mistakes such as these but it’s…… Continue reading They’re There Their

The Meanings of Words – Synecdoche

Synecdoche. What a wonderful word! Someone mentioned the film, ‘Synecdoche, New York’ to me the other day. I’d never heard of it. I’d never heard the word synecdoche either so (as it was such a tantalising word) I decided to look it up – of course. That’s what we writers and readers do because we want to extend…… Continue reading The Meanings of Words – Synecdoche