Finger sandwiches and baby oil – the strangeness of the English language

sandwiches that look like fingersThe English language is a strange affair at times. Meaning is usually gathered from the words we use in the literal sense; the words and the order they are placed in a sentence tell you what the sentence as a whole means. But we don’t talk and write literally, neither do we hear or read, and consequently understand, literally.

I take it you are catching my drift so far? (I’m not really taking anything or expecting you to catch a drift, but I presume you know what I mean.)  Continue reading

Who’s saying what and how?

Do you use he said and she said when writing dialogue? Do you think they’re old-fashioned or redundant?

Or do you lean towards some of the alternatives given in the diagram?

In my opinion there are some valid alternatives given here but they should be used very sparingly and very carefully, and only to enhance the speech.

You don’t want too many elaborate verbs to get in the way of your dialogue.

Let’s take an example using a couple of the suggestions given: Continue reading