Homophones: Sound-Alike Words – Whose and Who’s

Who’s versus Whose?

Homophones are sound-alike words. They are spelt differently but sound the same.

Each word has a distinct meaning. If in doubt consult your dictionary or style book. A good proofreader will pick up mistakes such as these but it’s best to get it right in the first place.

So, when do you use who’s and when do you use whose and how do you remember which is which? Continue reading

Setting an Example: Professional Writing – Whatever your Profession

Road SignI received an out-of-office email from the Learning and Development Department where I work recently. It began:

‘This is an automated responce …’

I was somewhat dumbstruck. Even when I saw the irony in it I still could not find it funny.

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How do you Check your Spelling?

Bowels anyone?Do you rely on spellcheck to pick up your spelling mistakes?

If you write regularly you should have realised by now this is not a good idea. Any amount of writing on a PC will show you time and time again that spellcheck is flawed if you want to make the decisions about the choice of words you use.

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