Taking Time To Read

Reading a book is always an inspiring thing to do. I find inspiration in the language used, the crafting of each sentence, and the ideas behind the story.

Part of reading is about savouring little nuances of language that can convey so much and admiring the plotting that carries the story forward. It is not at all distracting from a good read to note and remember the way it is written.

I don’t always find the time to read as much as I would like. I have a full-time job that can be emotionally and mentally demanding and I’m often too tired to read by the time the evening’s chores are done. Weekends can seem full of things to do as well and there is always my writing. I want to write more often than I seem to have the time to write.

The trouble is, I forget how much reading inspires me. I also forget that to find the time to read, I have to make the time to read, just as I have to make the time to write.

I worked as a psychotherapist some years ago and would often suggest to people that they make appointments with themselves when they were feeling stressed and that they had little or no time for themselves.

This is something anyone can do. You don’t have to tell anyone who the appointment is with or what it’s for – just that you are booked out for that time period. After all, we can keep appointments at work and in our personal lives so why not make appointments with ourselves?