What Am I Doing Here?

diariesMy previous blog was started as a self-development journal purely for my own reference. It rambled along quite nicely for a few years, charting my life experiences and exploring the meaning of life and everything along the way. Quite often it turned into a diary of events without much meaning, but it was my blog and I did what I wanted with it.

Originally I kept the location of the blog hidden as I was really only writing for myself. If someone happened to find it, then it was there for them to read.

And then I started Creative Writing classes – something I had always wanted to do as I love writing. As a child I used to write short stories, mostly science fiction based, and then I wrote stories for the children of some of my friends. They seemed to love them and even remembered them years later once they’d grown up.

As my classes progressed I wanted to write about my learning curve and to publish some of my short stories for those who stumbled across my blog. I found that my original idea for the blog was starting to become confused and mixed up. Was it about my self-development or about Creative Writing? I decided it was time to separate the two and that’s when I created this blog. I wanted to write about the two subjects separately.

So, here we are. My first post on my Creative Writing blog. I’m sure I’ll edit this post in time but for now it will suffice.

Read and enjoy.