My New Bookshop

After much thought I have decided to break with Amazon as an affiliate for my bookshop. For ethical reasons I made the decision that I could no longer support a large conglomerate that did not pay taxes in the countries where they sell and have gained such a bad reputation for their workers. supports…… Continue reading My New Bookshop

Can reading transform us?

It’s probably a given that story has the power to bring about change in the reader. I’ve already discussed learning and empathy in a previous post, but it has long been recognised that reading good literature encourages self-reflection and change. In an article from the New York Times:  Could a writer have an indirect influence of…… Continue reading Can reading transform us?

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Reading encourages learning and empathy

Have you ever thought about what the act of reading means to you? I’ve loved reading since I can remember. My mother always encouraged it and I could read very well by the time I started school. I would often take home the book that was being read in class and finish it at home…… Continue reading Reading encourages learning and empathy

The revealing thing about stories

A story is not meant to be understood all at once, that’s what makes a good story so delicious … the slow, tantalising reveal. It’s what we crave as readers. We start by being plonked into the middle of someone’s life – usually in a crisis situation – and spend the rest of the story…… Continue reading The revealing thing about stories

Matt Gemmell – His Stories

I’ve just read a blog post by Matt Gemmell entitled “Stories”. Matt is ‘an iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) and Mac OS X (Cocoa) developer and user experience/interface designer, based in Edinburgh, Scotland’ and not a writer in the sense of being an author of stories – at least not yet. “Stories” is about…… Continue reading Matt Gemmell – His Stories

Taking Time To Read

Reading a book is always an inspiring thing to do. I find inspiration in the language used, the crafting of each sentence, and the ideas behind the story. Part of reading is about savouring little nuances of language that can convey so much and admiring the plotting that carries the story forward. It is not at…… Continue reading Taking Time To Read