Oo-er, I’m a student

I’ve been dithering over whether to sign up for a Creative Writing course with The Writers Bureau for some time now and finally took the plunge last night.

The prospectus had, at first, looked a bit overwhelming, with 27 modules covering everything from the writing market, opportunities, presenting your work, writing articles, reviews, fiction, non-fiction, and publishing and legal aspects. There is more but I won’t list it all here. You have up to 2 years to complete the course and they guarantee that if you don’t earn back the course fees within 6 months of completing it they will refund the fees in full. But you have to put in the effort.

Part of my hesitation was the fear of failure: What if I can’t do this? What if I’m no good? Then reason set in. I’ve had two competition wins with my stories, favourable critiques from experienced writers, and one invitation to send the rest of my manuscript to a publisher (I didn’t have a ‘rest of the manuscript’ – it was only intended to be a short story, but it was the first thing I’d ever sent to a publisher and I fully expected a rejection slip).

So what did I have to lose? Not a lot on the face of it. So I enrolled yesterday.